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Roadside Assistance

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Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery or you lock your keys in the car, emergency roadside assistance is just a phone call away and Members simply call the toll-free dispatch number for authorized “sign and go service".

24-hour service toll-free access anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico*.

Emergency Road Service provides coverage up to $125 per event if your car becomes disabled and services are performed by a commercial garage, locksmith or wrecker.

  • Towing

  • Jump Start

  • Lockout Service

  • Winching Out

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Tire Change

  • Delivery/installation of parts at the disablement site


*May not be available or limited in some states. Some restrictions apply.


*The Emergency Road Service benefit does not provide for the cost of a tire, battery, parts or gasoline. Road service for truck-sized needs is limited to single rear-axle trucks. Commercial vehicles, Dirt bikes and ATVs are excluded from all benefits and services. Not available in AK. Dispatch service is not available in Mexico.


Safe Driver Motor Club, Inc. reserves the right to refuse program services to any Association Member under the following conditions: (i) material misrepresentation; or (ii) excessive use of benefits.


Alliance Value Plan benefit


Stolen Vehicle Reward


Membership will provide up to a $5,000.00 reward when your vehicle is stolen. This reward:

• discourages theft of your vehicle

• encourages law enforcement action when your vehicle is stolen

• provides incentive to convict the thief who stole your vehicle This reward will be paid to the law enforcement agency or person responsible for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief.

The reward will be based on the vehicle’s current market value, not to exceed $5000.00 The reward is not payable to the Association Member, the Association Member’s family, or other persons listed on the membership. The reward does not cover vandalism or items stolen from inside your vehicle. When your vehicle is stolen, report the theft to local police and contact Member Services for a claim form.


Travel Assistance Reimbursement

Alliance Value Plan benefit

Membership will reimburse you up to $250 per member, $500 per incident for vehicle rental and travel expenses when you are driving or riding in a vehicle that is disabled due to a collision accident that occurs when you are 100 miles or more away from home. This reimbursement can be used for expenses incurred in the first 7 days after the date of the accident for:

• meals

• hotel or motel lodging

• airline, bus, or train tickets

• vehicle rental expense

(up to 7 days when you rent from a licensed vehicle rental agency within 30 days of the accident date. Gas and optional coverage are excluded.)The accident must be reported to the police or to the insurer of the vehicle. When you need to use the travel assistance benefit please contact Member Services for a claim form.

*May not be available or limited in some states. Some restrictions apply.


Alliance Value Plan benefit


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