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Global Emergency Services

Pre-Trip Information

Members web-based country profiles that include visa requirements, immunization and inoculation recommendations, and security advisories for any travel destination.


Alliance Value Plan benefit

Lost Luggage or Document Assistance

We will help members locate lost luggage, documents, and personal belongings.

Interpreter and Legal Referrals

Assist America will refer members to interpreters and/or legal personnel as necessary.

Medical Consultation, Evaluation, and Referral

Calls to Operation Center are evaluated by medical personnel and referred to English-speaking, Western-trained physicians and/or hospitals.

Hospital Admission Assistance

We will assist with hospital admission outside the United States by validating a member’s health coverage or by advancing funds to the hospital.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If adequate medical facilities are not available locally, we will use whatever mode of transport, equipment, and personnel necessary to evacuate a member to the nearest facility capable of providing a high standard of care.

Prescription Assistance

If a member needs a replacement prescription while traveling, we will help get the prescription filled.

Compassionate Visit

If a member is traveling alone and will be hospitalized for more than seven days, We will provide economy, round-trip, common carrier transportation to the place of hospitalization for a designated family member or friend.

Care of Minor Children Assist

We will arrange for the care of children left unattended as the result of a medical emergency, and pay for any transportation costs involved in such arrangements.

All services must be arranged and provided by Assist America. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

All Assist America services are subject to certain restrictions and are outlined in detail in the Assist America Medical Transport Summary (which supersedes all prior Assist America/Care by Air information). The above information is a partial explanation of these services, offered at the sole discretion of Alliance. Alliance reserves the right to withdraw or change this offer without notice.


ID Theft Resolution Services

Members have access to America’s premier provider of identity theft resolution services with CyberScout® and the Lifestages® Identity Management Services. Use the proactive tools and recovery assistance to quickly respond to an identity or fraud crisis.


Benefit from essential identity theft protection and resolution services, educational tips and resources. 

This service is included in the cost of your membership, no matter how often you need to talk to a fraud specialist. Services include:

  • Proactive services — if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, or anytime you suspect your identity might be vulnerable, an experienced fraud specialist will place a free fraud alert, when appropriate, and offer guidance.

  • Resolution services — provides step-by-step guidance through the identity resolution process from start to finish. Your personal fraud specialist works with you to help prepare notification letters, work with government agencies and creditors, and stop fraudulent bills and charges. Victims of identity theft are provided with one year of free fraud-monitoring services.

  • Document replacement assistance — provides help in replacing lost, stolen or destroyed identity documents, including Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses.

  • Access to identity protection tips and tools — help keep you and your family safe.


Alliance Value Plan benefit

ID Theft - English

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