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When you become a member, you and your family will have access quick loan approvals, discount services and even car-buying assistance.

Members enjoy numerous Benefits, including:


  • New & used cars - See why we are your best alternative to dealer financing.

  • Loan refinance - Lower your monthly payment and start saving today.

  • Car-buying services - We have a variety of resources to help you find your next car.

  • New or used cars and trucks

  • New vehicles

  • Used vehicle model years (not to exceed 10 years old or 150,000 miles

 Sample RATES 



Benefit is not associated with Alliance Direct Benefits - offered by LAC

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Memberships are combination of products and services offered by Discount / Latin Auto Club and the Alliance Value Plan Benefits are Administered By Alliance for Affordable Services, a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of the District of Colombia   . THESE PLANS ARE NOT INSURANCE and are not intended to replace existing insurance. Membership is not an insurance contract, and can include access to insured and non-insured benefits. Benefits explained herein  are offered at Discount / Latin Auto Club & Alliance Direct sole discretion; may vary by availability, package option, vendor, each member's state of residence; and may be subject to change. Limitations and restrictions apply. Vendors reserve the right to withdraw or change their offers without notice.

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